Sustainability Management, Reporting & Verification For The Shipping Industry

workshop delivered by Yanna Pavlopoulou. This workshop analyzes the business need for implementing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), as a tool of Sustainability, Excellence & Quality, and advises on how can a shipping company proactively, measure, report and verify the impact of its business strategy over environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. The meaning of sustainability in the internal operations of the …

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Shipmanagement Sustainability Standards (2012)

By Yanna Pavlopoulou, Article at SHIPPING International Monthly Review, February 2012 Issue. The ISM regulation over the shipping activity has evolved as a new approach to safety, in response to marine disasters. Similarly, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) evolved as guidelines for a new, holistic, although voluntary approach of the business mission, due to new social and environmental …

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Shipping suspicious to MBM measures (2011)

Shipping wants assurance that money raised by a bunker levy will benefit the environment The shipping industry prefers a bunker levy system under the auspices of theInternational Maritime Organization (IMO)and funds raised should only be used for environmental benefits, the International Shipping Conference heard on Wednesday. But the industry has not welcomed a recent proposal …

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Shipmanagement under sustainability standards (2011)

by Yanna Pavlopoulou, Published at SHIPPING, Issue March 2011 A pioneer shipping company could implement Business Models of uniform standards, that guarantee transparency, corporate governance and sustainability same as those that all the other sectors & industries successfully apply. Those Models aim to enhance their members’ leadership and professional skills on applying  standard sustainability principles.  Business …

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