Pop-Machina Project

CommonLawgic is currently a Partner at an EU funded GRANT R&I Horizon 2020 (2019-23) Pop Machina on “Circular economy and collaborative production: a community approach”; our research focuses on the mapping of the legal, tax and governance framework conditions in five countries, as well as on methodologies to empower makers and engage stakeholders in circular collaboration in the seven pilot maker spaces. 

Deliverable D.2.4 will be published in November 2020 and D3.2 in February 2021. Both publications will be part of the Pop Machina project, that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 821479. 

Pop Machina has the potential to engage communities, and promote urban and social development. This project constitutes an intensive international collaboration from academia, government, and practice of (23) Project Partners from (8) countries, COMMONLAWGIC, KU LEUVEN, Municipality of Thessaloniki, Municipality of Piraeus, Kaunas City Municipality, Santander City Council, Municipality of Venlo, Istanbul Municipality, City of Leuven, University of CAMBRIDGE, Universidad de Cantabria, PLANET Turkey, KOC University, ISM University, White Research, ISTAC, INTRASOFT International, IAAC Barcelona, Q-PLAN International, University of Macedonia, CERTH Institute, TU DELFT and ETAM. The new framework will be tested in living labs in seven (7) cities: Thessaloniki and Piraeus (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey), Leuven (Belgium), Santander (Spain), Venlo (The Netherlands), Kaunas (Lithuania). The H2020 research project Pop-Machina aims to understand the spatial consequences of circular collaborative production in urban areas. Pop Machina is H2020 R&I EU Grant (2019-23) of 10 million Euros H2020-SC5-2018-2019-2020 CE-SC5-03-2018 Innovation Action.

Consortium Partners

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