What we do
We support the civil society, the private and public sectors

Areas of expertise

EU Research & Innovation Programs

Multi-Disciplinary Academic Studies

Legal & Technical Policy Analysis

Sustainability Strategy Development

Dissemination & Communication

E-learning & Training support

Team Development & Networking Events

Accountability Reporting and Evaluation


Legislative research and comparative analysis ,of tax and governance policies of the circular innovations and digital transition.

Representation as partners, affiliates, supporters of international or regional NGOs and associations that promote similar sustainability goals and are in line with our principles.

Training in methods of reporting and evaluating ESG viability and accountability, informing and motivating stakeholders to achieve fair and measurable results.

Support of “green” pilot applications, prototype and startup projects and innovative circular products.

Methodologies of engagement, empowerment, motivation and self-commitment of the civil society.

Dissemination to the general public of “best practices” in sustainability, regarding open collaboration, social and circular innovation (through conferences, workshops, social media, articles in scientific & professional journals or online discussion panels).

Coordination of joint efforts of collective intervention in the consultation of national, European or international regulations.

With an emphasis on the circular economy, environmental and cultural cooperation, social enterprises, and sustainability innovations in energy and waste management, specializing in the shipping industry.

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