Social Collaboration

Our work supports Social Collaboration processes that help multiple people or groups “brainstorm”, interact and share information to achieve common goals, mostly through the internet, on a digital collaboration environment. Our fellows collaborate and communicate with physical or online presence, in matters of responsible business management, specializing in integrated solutions. We work with European and international consortia on interdisciplinary research studies that implement innovation programs, e.g. that promote the principles of transparency, digital and environmental cooperation, circularity and social entrepreneurship, of sustainable waste and energy resource management.

CommonLawgic supports the communication and dissemination of cultural events, theatrical plays, artworks and exhibitions, such as EMEIS 33 a collaboration platform of talented Greek artists coordinated by ARTIA GALLERY.

We provide legal and scientific assistance for the establishment and operation of informal associations, of start-ups, of energy and social cooperatives. Yanna Pavlopoulou and team members of CommonLawgic supported on a non-profit basis, the negotiation and legal establishment of ECOMASYN (2014-2015) as a functioning social cooperative/ legal entity. This marine non-profit synergy of ship retrofit related businesses, based in Piraeus, aspired to assist its members to provide integrated solutions, technology sharing and benefit through cooperation at a quality/cost/time effective way.

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