Who we are
a non-profit, social-purposed, cooperative sheme

COMMONLAWGIC is a non-profit private Sustainability Research Center, based in Athens, Greece, established in 2012. CommonLawgic also functions as a convening platform for highly qualified multi-disciplinary specialists to brainstorm and exchange ideas, network and jointly research and develop sustainability proposals. We support network capacity building, volunteer circular and environmental initiatives, startup collaborative schemes and social enterprises. We offer legal / regulatory analysis and strategic assistance on projects and research studies over circular, waste and energy resource management, according to sustainability and ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) accountability reporting standards. Our volunteer executives have legal and technical expertise in viable solutions. We have the scientific knowledge, human resources, infrastructure and practical background to create synergies & collective results for stakeholders. We can successfully organize, showcase and communicate to the wide public “best practices” and “green” proactive actions, by networking meetings, workshops, seminars, at spacious and elegant venues in Athens and Piraeus.


CommonLawgic aims to proactively raise awareness and monitor initiatives of Environmentally (EcoLawgic) and Socially responsible (SocioLawgic) strategic performance. Our Institute assists business leaders to develop innovative long-term business plans, considering EcoLawgic challenges, i.e. the circular economy and climate change with innovation waste and energy technologies; or SocioLawgic concerns on corporate governance, HSQE and labor rights, HR development and social responsibility obligations, proactively meeting excellence standards, according to international sustainability trends.

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