Methodologies of stakeholders’ engagement in circular collaborative ecosystems


D3.2 outlines how digital social innovation (DSI) and open governance structures can create shared value for the makers movement, when used for community engagement. Following an extensive literature review and secondary feedback, this report discusses theories and methodologies of ecosystem building for the engagement of makers, end-users and stakeholders in the online and offline DIY activities of circular collaboration. This report encompasses indicative innovative
governance models and community structures that could be employed by circular maker communities. Based on this roadmap, local maker champions may drive the maker movement forwards sharing the circular vision. It addresses the ‘lead users’, the helix framework and open innovation ambassadors concepts, as well as the innovations diffusion and collaborative leadership theories. Finally, the stakeholder engagement methods incorporate behavioural incentivisation
aspects, as well as digitally-enabled measures. For ease of reference, the progress of Istanbul pilot city is presented, as a case study of engagement mainly to offline activities. The cited methodologies on how to approach, stimulate and facilitate stakeholder engagement, help to build circular maker ecosystems within cities.

Find the respective pdf here.

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