Technoeconomic evaluation of energy efficiency retrofits in commercial shipping; a bulk carrier case study (2015)


The present study approaches the maritime sector from an environmental point of view. In light of the new IMO directives on climate change and the continuous effort to reduce operating costs, this paper investigates the viability of several energy efficiency technologies. The introductory part discusses the environmental problem caused by the gaseous pollutants and describes the existing and future regulatory framework that either has been or will be imposed in order to mitigate the impact of the shipping industry. In the main part, a series of fifteen (15) energy efficiency retrofits, suggested by IMO, are briefly analyzed with a view to applying them on a bulk carrier. This analysis conducts a technoeconomic evaluation of these retrofits as potential investments from an owner’s strategic point of view. The assessment, taking into account major uncertainties of the data used, concludes that the vast majority of methods prove to be initially acceptable for investment.


IMO; energy efficiency; SEEMP; technoeconomic evaluation; SOx; bulk carrier; Monte Carlo.

Find the respective pdf here.


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