The Mayor of Piraeus and ECOMASYN supported “Let’s do it Greece 2015”! (2015)

by Yanna Pavlopoulou.

The voluntary nationwide campaign “Let’s do it Greece2015” ( was successfully accomplished on Sunday,April26th, 2015,for the 4thconsecutive year. “Let’s do it World” volunteer cleanup movement, first evolved in 2008 in Estonia and then spread as the largest and fastest growing volunteer environmental campaign internationally, with the participation of 108 countries and 8million volunteers ( from every part of the globe participate in the campaign by cleaning, on one particular day, their cities, their neighborhoods, parks, forests, beaches and river banks, conveying a message of positive activism for the volunteer protection of the natural and urban environment. Mrs. Yanna Pavlopoulou (COMMONLAWGIC),as founding Supporter and Steering Team member of “Let’s do it Greece”, explained-at a joint press Conference with the Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Yannis Moralis-(photo no 1) the aims of their action: “Let’s do it” internationally branded, voluntary campaign takes place for the fourth time in Greece in multiple places but on the same day. Our “zero-budget” campaign managed to inspire “self-organized” volunteer cleanups throughout Greece, as an alternative way of action against existing environmental problems. As many as 1970volunteer civil society and public organizations joined to support our initiative. We expect to motivate and “seed” our message to 38.000 volunteers at 500 cleanups around Greece, through social media networks, our website and “word of mouth” peer influence.”0

Find the respective pdf here.


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