Responsible Manufacturing in the Marine Production: Legal and Technical Aspects (2020)


Responsible innovation is an emerging concept aligned to consumers’ business objectives. Corporate social responsibility in contrast is a backward response to challenges. The issue at stake is how to forward regulate the competitive and socio-ethical aspects of technology innovation with shared value for shipowners, stakeholders and the downstream supply chain. Among the benefits of Additive manufacturing (AM) (or 3d printing, commonly known) is to produce the part at the place it is needed, at the time needed (cutting down in transfer and inventory cost). This introduces changes to the market structure, allowing decentralized production. The technology is also suitable for repairing and remanufacturing industry components. Its application allows damaged components to be repaired, and material lost in service to be replaced, restoring the part to its original shape. The linear manufacturing model in the marine maritime supply chain has to become more circular through innovative upcycling solutions. A way to globally limit the use of raw resources is to encourage the sustainable circular design and the creation of a secondary market from reused, refurbished and shared services, materials & products, boosting 3D printing technology and social enterprises of local repairers of ship spares. This study considers the UN Sustainable Development Goals on climate change, sustainable production and consumption. The results on prospects offered by ΑΜ technology are based upon already successful upcycling of marine spare parts. The outcome is that shipowners, as users/consumers should be aware and support the expansion of a global new legislation that implements the “right to repair”, the mandatory concept of Extended Producer’s Responsibility (EPR) and responsible innovation ethics. A new movement has to emerge urging the manufacturers to design circular materials, upcycled products and shared services, with the support of additive manufacturing and circular makers.


Responsible, Circular Innovation, Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, EPR, Maritime

Find the respective pdf here.


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