Creating Shared Value with Eco-efficient And Green Chemical Systems in Ship Operations and in Ballast Water Management, (2013)

by Pavlopoulou, Yanna and Konstantinos Aravossis. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin FEB/ Vol 22/ No 12a/ 2013 – pages 3880-3888.


Green systems in ship operations and in ballast water management could enhance marine and global sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy could assist the shipping sector in tackling operational issues, re-conceiving innovative methods, despite global financial crisis. According to European Commission’s renewed strategy on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for 2011-2014, enterprises should implement & integrate social, environmental, ethical and consumer concerns into their business operations. This Renewed EU Strategy on CSR, supported by similar views of academics, calls for CSV (Create Shared Value): a shift from “values” to “value” (from a morals-driven to a business-driven approach). Globally, the issue at stake is how to maximize the creation of shared value (CSV) in the marine business for owners/shareholders, stakeholders and society at large. The challenge is how to link eco-efficiency and ‘Shared Value’ growth with green ship operations e.g. in wastewater, bunkering and Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) discharges, to the strategic benefit of the shipping business and its global stakeholders. Re-ballasting in the high seas, as recommended by the IMO guidelines, currently provides the best-available measure to reduce transfer risk of harmful aquatic organisms, but is subject to serious ship-safety and other concerns. In times of serious downturn, shipping may endorse shared value solutions, aligned to its economic and environmental objectives, supporting scientific research and development of effective treatment systems. The shipping community could lead social progress, proactively to the regulatory and administrative global efforts as a collective response to emerging global sustainability, growth & societal needs i.e. water shortage.


CSR, Create Shared Value (CSV), sustainability, shipping, chemical, ballast water treatment (BWT).

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