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supports fairly balanced, inclusive & sustainable ideas


Logic ( from the Greek λογική logikē) is the formal systematic study of the principles of valid inference and correct reasoning. Logic examines general forms which arguments may take, which forms are valid, and which are fallacies. Logic is studied in argumentation theory and rhetoric. Logic was established as a discipline in philosophy by Aristotle.

So… CommonLAWgic, nowadays, addresses Common Logic from the perspective of law, as systematic study of fairly balanced, inclusive and sustainable solutions from and for the shipping sector, as a result of interaction with society.Because

“Common logic is not so common”. Voltaire (1694-1778)




Corporate citizens of today are expected to do well, by targeting in doing good.

 A corporate strategy that considers citizenship parameters, like social inclusion and Global Warming,  are gradually becoming important factors of sustainable business growth. A company leader in times of economic crisis could, therefore try to invest in  doing business in a socially responsible way.

However, is this pattern acceptable by all industries? 

Our members are professionals individually sensitized towards all their stakeholders, proactively and  responsibly changing their business strategy over those issues, developing a fair, inclusive and sustainable culture, by implementing  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and resource efficiency management, on day to day business performance.


LET'S DO IT GREECE !!!        


A CSR approach is based on the logic "listen, respond, interact”, think globally, act regionally but in a holistic way.

Pioneer leadership embraces the logic of interaction with society, measuring and offsetting its possible negative impact on the environment,considering all its stakeholders, not only profitability.