Maltezou Danai

Danai has been working in the maritime sector and on research projects of CommonLawgic, supporting the administrative and dissemination activities, for the last three years. She has experience in project monitoring assistance and has also participated in project results dissemination for the nationwide environmental campaign (since 2012). She has participated in the organization of meetings as supporting staff, handling communications with participants and stakeholders, disseminating the events via appropriate channels etc. Danai is currently Chartering & Post Fixture Manager at ALEXMAR Shipping and Trading Co. S.A (2017- now); Junior Officer at HSQE and Crew Dpt., BLUE LINE Ship Management S.A. (2016);Junior Officer at Operations Dpt., HELLENIC STAR Shipping Company S.A. (2015). Danai has successfully taken courses at ICS Chartered Shipbrokerage, and studied Shipping Management in Athens and Southampton and Business Marketing at Deree Athens College.

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