Evanthia Kostidi

Eva holds a PhD from the University of the Aegean and researches: “Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in the maritime industry”. She holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in: “Energy, Industrial Processes and Anti-Pollution Technology”. Her undergraduate thesis was: “Simulation of diffusion through a composite polymer film: the case of air through a food packaging membrane”. She has completed her Master’s degree in “Shipping, Transport and International Trade”, specialized in “Transmodal Transport and New Technologies”. The postgraduate thesis was on “Applications of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in the maritime industry”. She has then attended the postgraduate program “Technical Project Management”, Module: “Project Management and Principles”.
She has worked as a Mechanical Engineer in the Department of Engineering of Chios Municipality in energy improvement of buildings and in electromechanical studies. She is a Scientific Partner in the SeaofSkills Project, where she has participated in the development of education and training material for small coastal fishermen. In addition, she has volunteered at the club: “Magnets-Blinds” in Volos in learning computers for trainees in certified structures of the association. During her undergraduate studies she has worked in a technical office in electromechanical studies as an intern in the process of licensing and control of craft / industries.
She is fluent in Greek (native), as well as in English and very good in German. She has excellent knowledge of computers in programming, software and design programming, software and designing. She has participated in conferences as a speaker with publications. She has attended summer schools mainly in 3D printing which is her field of research, as well as a variety of other seminars. Finally, she has been honored and awarded in competitions and for outstanding academic performance.

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