Vasileios Mylonas

A Developmental Economist, with a Bachelor’s Degree from Panteion University of Political Sciences, Athens Greece with a Master’s Degree in Behavioral Economics & Game Theory, and Growth & Sustainability from the University of Tilburg, Netherlands. Certified Growth Hacking & Viral Marketing Expert.

A performance marketing professional, since 2012 with more than 118 different clients in more than  50 countries and 17 sectors.  His digital marketing superpowers include (but are not limited to):

➢ Sales & Marketing Analytics

➢ Growth Strategy, Planning, Implementation

➢ Market, Customer / Buyer Persona Research

➢ Customer/ Lead Acquisition

➢ Advanced Funnel and Traffic Flow Analysis

➢ Data Analysis & Reporting


➢ Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)

➢ Data & BI Pattern Analysis and causation identification

➢ Multivariate A/B Testing

➢ Paid Media Advertising & Analytics

➢ Building, Coaching, Managing Teams

In his free time, he pursues his passion for coding and understanding people’s behaviors, especially with how they play into social norms and strategic decisions thus providing him with the info needed for proper nudging.

He speaks Greek, English, French and Spanish.

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