Maltezos Evangelos

Evangelos G. Maltezos works as Technical Manager for Hellenic Star Shipping Company, which operates five Bulk Carriers. Has been working at various positions in the shipping sector for the past 4 years. He is an active volunteer to the “Let’s do it Greece” environmental initiative, CommonLawgic, HELMEPA and other NGOs.  He obtained in 2016 his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Greenwich University (BEng Thesis on ” Ways to improve the energy Efficiency of a marine vessel”) and in 2018 he obtained the MSc. Program in Maritime Operations and Management at the City University of London (ΜSc Thesis on “Assessment of the available options that a small company has in order to comply with the 2020 MARPOL global Sulphur Emissions control Regulation”. He has attended numerous conferences and professional training courses. He is familiar with Microsoft Office Suite, computer programming (C++/Java) and 3D computer design/modelling software, including AutoCAD, Autocad3D, Solidworks, Matlab etc. He is a native Greek speaker, fluent in English at a professional level and speaks basic German.

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