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Synergies with KCL-QMS MTC, ΩΡΑ ΓΙΑ ΔΡΑΣΗ, ALUMNI HUB, "Let's doit Greece" & ECOMASYN


With KCL GROUP QMS Maritime Training Center

Yanna Pavlopoulou, as Managing Partner of CommonLawgic (, a non profit Sustainability Research Institute and Network Platform, is happy to announce the launch of our close cooperation with Mrs. Popy Lyrintzis, LYRINTZIS KCL GROUP - QMS Maritime Training Center . We are from now on, kindly hosted at their excellent Training venue in Piraeus. Please also have a glance at the current QMS April 2017 Training Program on specialized Technical, Management, STCW Workshops and Seminars. Stay tuned on our forthcoming joint ventures!

"Let's do it Greece"

Yanna Pavlopoulou and the team of CommonLawgic supported at a fully non-profit and voluntary basis the construction of the website of "Let's do it Greece" in 2013 and of the Legal Terms of the nationwide campaign. Yanna Pavlopoulou is a member of the Campaign Coordinating Team at a national scale since 2012.


Yanna Pavlopoulou and the team of CommonLawgic supported at a fully non-profit and voluntary basis, the negotiation and establishment of ECOMASYN Cooperative as a functioning legal entity. ECOMASYN ( is a marine cluster, legally formed as a non-profit synergy of ship retrofit related businesses, mainly based in Piraeus, assisting its members to provide integrated solutions to their clients. ECOMASYN aspires to create technology sharing schemes and benefit through cooperation; develop the retrofit/ship repair sector and advance relative services, through consultation, training and the support of class societies. Moreover, their main objective is to build trust to clients about the high level services that can be provided in Greece at a quality/cost/time effective way. Members’ services are within the spectrum of “Green Shipping”, focusing on Energy Efficiency through type approved systems of Scrubbers/emissions abatement, Ballast Water Treatment, LNG and Alternative Marine Fuels.  At this green «one stop shop» synergy, the customer could seek volunteer advice and information in an integrated way, in one place (Piraeus/Greece), from a variety of excellent service providers and products, on all services (research, deployment, advisory, training, quality assurance etc.).