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supports fairly balanced, inclusive & sustainable ideas



Logic ( from the Greek λογική logikē) is the formal systematic study of the principles of valid inference and correct reasoning. Logic examines general forms which arguments may take, which forms are valid, and which are fallacies. Logic is studied in argumentation theory and rhetoric. Logic was established as a discipline in philosophy by Aristotle.

So… CommonLAWgic, nowadays, addresses Common Logic from the perspective of law, as systematic study of fairly balanced, inclusive and sustainable solutions from and for the shipping sector, as a result of interaction with society.

Because “Common logic is not so common”. Voltaire (1694-1778)



A team of academics, maritime advisors and experts from various fields, sharing common ideas, voluntarily assist on the interactive creation, evaluation and communication of plans and actions for Sustainable Development, aiming to match our corporate members’ expectations with global future societal and ecologic needs.

The platform counts on the voluntary & pro bono, personal support of well educated experts, business leaders and pioneer professionals at international level, particularly from the shipping, legal, engineering, social or political science and business environment. Our members exchange views and knowledge, over common logic measures in business practice.

Among our main targets is to proactively raise awareness regarding climate change and the impact of carbon emissions, biodiversity and the marine environment, innovation technology, alternative energy & resource efficient energy & waste management (EcoLAWgic). Moreover we focus on issues like transparency and ethical excellence in corporate governance, as well as quality of labor conditions, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship & social inclusion and in general, sustainability, beyond legal compliance (SocioLAWgic).


COMMONLAWGIC pro bono supports, based on its advisors scientific expertise, the following sectors:


COMMONLAWGIC supports non-profit cultural events (theater, music, art) and the dissemination of the ARTIA GALLERY informal online platform of prominent Greek Artists


COMMONLAWGIC supports the dissemination of “Let’s do it Greece” campaign and the nationwide online platform (since 2012). Our Managing Partner, Yanna Pavlopoulou actively participates, since 2011, to the main Coordinating Team of Volunteers “Let’s do it Greece”, publicly acknowledged and awarded by H.E. the President of Democracy, as the Best Pan-Hellenic Volunteerism Campaign 2018 (set under His Auspices). This year’s environmental campaign managed to motivate 128.000 volunteers.


COMMONLAWGIC sustains, when appropriate, the efforts of Yanna Pavlopoulou, in the bonding and capacity building of the informal platform ALUMNI HUB (Facebook) / ALUMNI HUB Greece (LinkedIn), a Second Degree ALUMNI PLATFORM of FOREIGN UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS (European & American) that coo-organize networking events for alumni, visiting professors of international Business schools of US, UK etc., American officials and prominent members of the Alumni Associations.


COMMONLAWGIC is a non-profit private Research Institute, promoting synergies on sustainability awareness of maritime interest, since our volunteer advisors have profound legal/technical expert knowledge and contact links in the maritime community and with maritme Training Centers (eg. close cooperation with Mrs. Popy Lyrintzis, LYRINTZIS KCL GROUP - QMS Maritime Training Center  with joint events, kindly hosted at their excellent Training venue in Piraeus). 


COMMONLAWGIC’s Advisors are engaged practitioners on social responsibility, circular economy, sustainable development and environmental management of businesses. They participate through consortia and joint ventures in research studies that implement European Innovation Programs. Moreover, they provide educational & scientific assistance to the creation of Social Cooperatives (eg. of ship builders/retrofitters and of Legal Entities of Social & Solidarity Economy (e.g. ANIMA CARE STORE a Selling Point for circular economy artworks/Occupational ergo therapy and Homework as a means of psychological recovery services/ animacare-store).